In Slagelse, Zealand, the headquarters of are located. Inventarland is a Danish store that sells office furniture and fixtures for companies and individuals across the country. The company has existed for more than 30 years, and during that time, extensive knowledge has been built on how office furniture is used best. It’s always possible to get into one of the stores, write or visit one of the different showrooms you’ll find around the country where you can get tips on the road before choosing which furniture you want to decorate your office with . You will find a wide range of desktops, raise sink tables, office chairs, shelves and much more. At Inventarland, the specialists are all in the[…]

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Denmark’s largest language center is located in the capital, Copenhagen, and is called IA Sprog. The company offers free Danish tuition for foreigners to learning Danish. The company IA Sprog was founded back in the 1970s when the first Turkish immigrants came to Denmark. Immigrants came primarily to work because of the bad conditions in their home country. Therefore, so-called guest workers did not have time to go to school, and alternative paths might be required. The IA language was founded and since then it has been for the immigrant evening school. The evening school adapted the teaching so that immigrants could work during daytime and go to school in the evening. Visit the homepage here, or their online profile:[…]

Danlamp har siden 1931 produceret lyskilder og er i dag den sidste glødelampefabrik tilbage i Danmark. Det betyder, at vi har ekspertisen og passionen til, at fremstille smukke og holdbare lyskilder skræddersyet til dit behov. Danlamp brænder for, at producere dekorative lyskilder til boliger, erhverv og kirker. Derudover fremstiller vi højtspecialiserede lamper til skibsfart og trafiksignaler. Vores ekspertise er derfor stor, hvilket gør, at vi altid finder den bedste lyskilde til dig. Så uanset om du har brug for dekorative glødepærer, stærke signallys til trafik og skibsfart eller holdbare skibslanterner, så har Danlamp den lyskilde du har brug for. Danlamp loggo jobvote danlamp danlamp