OutdoorDesign sells everything in urban space fixtures, from tableware sets, fireplaces, pullerters and much more. The company is located in Harndrup on the island, where the warehouse and the office have their daily operations. The OutdoorDesign company is a Danish company that supplies high-quality furniture and high-quality equipment for mainly business and public customers. The company also sells to private and there is the opportunity to shop via the website. As a starting point, everyone can buy via website, however, some products are not informed about price, as the product requires dialogue with the company before ordering. OutdoorDesign has been suppliers to several public bodies as well as housing associations throughout Denmark. The company is in favor of Danish design[…]

Tennberg Cleaning Company is your local cleaning partner in Copenhagen, which offers professional, stable and thorough. The company offers cleaning in Copenhagen for both private and business. Business cleaning is one of Tennberg’s core competencies, and already has many major companies in their portfolio. The company has existed since 2007 under the name Tennberg.dk, but has more than 20 years of experience in the field from other companies. Ketil, who owns Tennberg.dk, has previously had other cleaning agencies. The cleaning environment solves all sorts of tasks, but can still be present for the individual customer. In other words, it is both the company itself that measures and offers offerings for cleaning in Copenhagen to new customers and provides the best[…]