In all living organisms All living organisms need proteins for survival and normal growth. Due to the many functions, proteins are found in various shapes and forms. A specific structure allow for a specific function and a cell can have thousands of different proteins. Proteins are necessary for the structure and function of organs and tissues in the human body. Protein amount is determined Proteins are large relative to other molecules in the body but are still very small and not visible to the naked eye or a microscope. However, there are today various methods that can measure the amino acid sequence, the weight and size of the protein and similar features. The mass spectrometry method is especially useful for[…]

Madsvin is a blog where the owner Mads shares his passion for gastronomy, wine and Funen with the reader. On the page you will find interesting and inspiring reading as food in general. Madsvin is a Danish food blog where the good, local produce is at the center. The angle is humorous and the recipes are strongly inspired by the classic French cuisine, albeit with a modern touch.

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Kimax is a product of Sense-Tech Weighing Systems Ltd. At Sense-Tech we promise to deliver the highest level of quality in the delivery of our services and products, our operational procedures, and our customer service standards as we develop, improve and maintain our ISO 9001 quality management certification. Contact us for any further quistions you may have. Our weighing system is designed for more precision and more control. Whether transporting wood or driving a road train, our onboard truck scales will help you. kimaxweighing/ kimax

Miranova is an independent asset management company that offers tailor made property management that you can not find at the bank or similar. Your Miranova advisers meet and not sellers, as is often the case when it comes to property management. Miranova offers investment advice where the customer is in focus and the overriding goal is to make an investment that is as profitable for the customer as possible and not to score a lot of bonuses on the trades and chase the fast (and risky) gains. So if you are looking for an investment advisor who takes your investment seriously, whether it’s free funds or pension savings you want to invest, then Miranova is a very good bid for[…]

Thepraxis is a psychotherapy and party therapy clinic in Copenhagen We offers psychotherapy and party therapy if you are looking for a Par therapist in Copenhagen. The CEO, Vicky is a 3rd year family and psychotherapist student and therefore offers psychotherapy and party therapy at half price, half price compared to many of the other competitors on the market. There may be many reasons for going to therapy and many people choose to keep it close. Getting treatment for some problems is not so good and something we prefer not to talk about. Therefore, the talk with a pair of spikes may be worth gold. Many of the problems facing clients reduce their quality of life or create other limitations[…]

We offer several different link services and as we know links are one of the most importen factor for rankings in search results as Google. Without incoming links, your website may not be found on Google and the other search engines. Without many good and relevant links, you do not have a chance for top positions in competitive markets. See more on The book “linkbuildingbogen, you will learn everything about links and learn to execute linkbuilding on your own. You have the opportunities to get secrets, so you will be in front of your competitors in the market. The book is perfect for companies wanting to train their in-house SEO employees or who want to start linkbuilding internally within the[…]

Handværkernø is a Danish portal that allows you to find all local craftsmen in all branches of crafts in your area. So whether you need a carpenter in Lejre, an electrician in Roskilde or a caretaker in Kerteminde, you can find them here. Use a local craftsman – it’s best! When looking for a craftsman, there may be many advantages in choosing one from the local area. Here they are often more interested in making a particularly good effort as they want a good reputation in the area where they get the most. In addition, there is a good chance that they can move faster because they are closer to nature.

OutdoorDesign sells everything in urban space fixtures, from tableware sets, fireplaces, pullerters and much more. The company is located in Harndrup on the island, where the warehouse and the office have their daily operations. The OutdoorDesign company is a Danish company that supplies high-quality furniture and high-quality equipment for mainly business and public customers. The company also sells to private and there is the opportunity to shop via the website. As a starting point, everyone can buy via website, however, some products are not informed about price, as the product requires dialogue with the company before ordering. OutdoorDesign has been suppliers to several public bodies as well as housing associations throughout Denmark. The company is in favor of Danish design[…]

Tennberg Cleaning Company is your local cleaning partner in Copenhagen, which offers professional, stable and thorough. The company offers cleaning in Copenhagen for both private and business. Business cleaning is one of Tennberg’s core competencies, and already has many major companies in their portfolio. The company has existed since 2007 under the name, but has more than 20 years of experience in the field from other companies. Ketil, who owns, has previously had other cleaning agencies. The cleaning environment solves all sorts of tasks, but can still be present for the individual customer. In other words, it is both the company itself that measures and offers offerings for cleaning in Copenhagen to new customers and provides the best[…]